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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Nunes Memo: A Reverse Bombshell?

Image may contain: 1 person, standingDonald Trump and his political cabal (GOP et al) are working like beavers in a flooded pond to place breathing room between Special Counsel Mueller's Russia investigation and Trump's false reality of a US Presidency. Yes, readers, Donald Trump received critical assistance from a foreign entity in his quest to wrestle the US Presidency into a national autocratic darkness akin to that of Russia, and Turkey. 

The basis of Trump's feeble defense is the FBI is biased against him and "had it in for him.  Seriously?  If such was the case how could we have experienced former Director Comey's stumbling through the Clinton email controversy via a flawed letter and comments mere weeks before the 2016 election?  It is virtually inarguable that Comey's investigatory leader during the run-up to the election benefited Trump. If we couple Comey's blunders with Russian social media bombardments on behalf candidates like Stein and Sanders while attacking Clinton with insane messaging, it is irrational to ignore the influence. It is also irrational and quite ridiculous to place any faith in the accusation soft trump and his henchmen (and women). I should add, it is also an indication of obtuse.

During a recent MSNBC Live segment hosted by Katy Tur, a former  INTEL official, Ned Price,  placed Trump's strategy in perspective.

Remain steadfast and avoid the Trump carnival maneuvers.

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