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Friday, February 9, 2018

The Swamp Departures And Total Disregard For "CLASSIFIED" Info

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Any way you view it or consider it, the Trump Administration shows clear signs it isn't close to "ready" for high-level federal governance.  While we poke at the administration (and Trump) for being incompetent and existentially offering nothing more than a reality show in the Oval Office, it all comes with the potential for national doom.

Business Insider

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While Trump is entertaining the world as the most erratic, unstable and disengaged US president ever, the GOP is both raping the nation in many ways while bickering among the party like hungry vultures fighting over a small carcass. The GOP is willing to tolerate a Keystone Cops-like White House as long as Trump paves a path for regressive party ideology and associated legislation. But, rational Americans should ask: "When is enough, enough?"

"Enough" should have hit many months ago. "Unacceptable" has now crept into our daily trump "reality" and the level and scope of unacceptable include unsecured employees with open access to White House classified information and men who have a history of "rough handling or outright abuse of women. 

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The many departures is a clear sign of an unstable world suffering from poor judgment, incompetent management, and terrible hires.

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Yes, there is something way wrong in the White House.  If you can watch the following segment and not think in terms of "the swamp," you are a better person than me.

We also found other media or press which are reporting on the many Trump Administration departures. The Washington Post, linked

Look at this crew and then click on the video.

The Maddow show also included a long-running but critical segment regarding utter disregard for all things classified in the White House. Recall the day after Trump unceremoniously fired then FBI Director Comey he entertained a Russian press only group of high over Russians in the Oval Office. Imagine such with Obama? The two Russians included what was then Russia's top recruitment spy in the US. Do not lose track of the reality, these men were shooting the breeze with Trump in the Oval Office!

If you are a true liberal or progressive of course, you saw the segment last night.  If you did not view it last night, do not miss an opportunity to see another angle of pure bush-league via Trump.

A problem!

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