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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Utter Shame of Sean Hannity (Obama Portrait And Sperm?)

I know a few people who will never admit they watch and soak up Sean Hannity's insane propaganda like a new sponge in a Death Valley shower.  While not an actual associated I once suffered through a neighbor saying, "I love my country" because she voted for Trump. Implication? My non-Trump vote in her mind was anti-United States and void of a love of country. Where have we recently heard such jibberish? The reason I chose to mention the interaction related to her repeated comments about watching late night news.  Hannity viewer to the max!

Did you notice the hand chosen attendees behind Trump?

I digress, back to Hannity.  Without question, the neighbor absorbed what follows from Hannity (including his deleted tweet) and she should question her core values about the Right-wing demagogue.  What follows seems to offer the prospect Hannity is competing to steal a few listeners and viewers from Info Wars (maniac) Alex Jones. 

After Backlash, Hannity Takes Down Article Saying There's 'Secret Sperm' Hidden In Obama Portrait

It has finally happened: Fox host Sean Hannity has officially lost his tiny mind, and even the internet cannot help but laugh. Hannity is convinced that the official portrait of former President Barack Obama is filled with "inappropriate sexual innuendo": Obama's portrait – a stark contrast to predecessors with inappropriate sexual innuendo รข€" Sean Hannity…

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