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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Trump Has Done More To Punish Russia? No (Video)

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The United States has a 45th resident who is incapable of null. Not only is his first thought to construct a lie; he lies insistently and without shame.  All said lying is part of his pathology. And, that makes Trump a pathological liar.  

Watch as Velshi and Ruhle take-on Trump's recent lies and finger pointing at former President Obama as his administration is faced with a Special Counsel who has issued indictments against 13 Russian internal operatives and one US stooge. Why would Trump spend time and tweets on the matter? While feeding his base, he seeks to fight perceptions his election was invalid and an election win assisted by "V" Putin. Ultimately, I suspect we will eventually find he has deep-rooted reasons for his Russia and Putin affinity. For now, let's deal with yet another set of lies about Obama doing nothing to curb Russian meddling. The lies are stretched even farther as Trump asserts he has done more to punish the meddling Putin.


Facts are pesky little things!

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