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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Trump's Bobby Pins Missing?

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The Wind Monster
Didn't he know exposing himself to the limelight of the US Presidency he would be exposed to that nasty element we call "wind." Didn't the man realize that he would be unable to adorn a cap with every appearance? It The unique dynamic begs a question: who does Trump have in staff to perform his comber artistry? Wonder if the person was on Air Force One peeping through a window, cringing and shivering about what was to come once Trump settled into the coiffure's chair and after Trump's wind horror.

While we have seen Trump's Bobby pins holding his "doin place during the 2016 campaign, We can only imagine his ego could not withstand the feminine hair aid once elected to the presidency.

Bobby Pins, Bobby Pins were fore art thou?


Well, either the Coiffure was told no pins or Trump's wind-horror struck before he could make the safety of the presidential plane and his coiffure.
Of course, I respect the Office of the US Presidency. Alas, the respect ceases as I consider the current Oval Office denizen.

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