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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Women Voted...How Did We Get Trump?

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In April of 2106, Brookings Edu published a piece with the Headline: 

Women could make a big difference in a Clinton-Trump match-up

Yes, they certainly did make a difference. Look at us now!

Watch the first few seconds of the following MSNBC Hardball and you can scratch viewing a major white House presstitute, Kelly Anne Conway, off your bucket list. What you are about to see and hear will forever satisfy your quest for viewing the unreal and may surpass any desire you have harbored to see Big Foot or a Yeti. Those are illusive potential (possible) forms of life; the presstitute who follows is a physical embodiment and manifestation of an administration which is overflowing with corruption unsurpassed in US History. it is presstitutes as such who facilitate the diminution of a once great nation.

The segment is over six minutes long while addressing a topic which should lead widely publicized on all non-conservative media.  It delves into the current perception of Trump by a survey respondent group of women.  Sadly in 2016,  43 percent of white women, voters followed their husbands into voting booths delivered the nation into the greedy grasp of a modern day PT Barnum.

The survey points to an easing of support among women for Trump.  It makes for nice talk if one is a liberal, but the reality is what it is. Women in the millions voted for Trump despite clear evidence he has a history of demeaning women.

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