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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Russians In The Oval Office; Russian Chief Spy Meets With Trump Team (Video)

Yucking it up with Russians in the Oval Office has no good end!

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Imagine President Obama with Russian officials (one a known spy/recruiter) in the Oval Office.  Also, imagine Obama facilitating what follows.



Definition of operative

b: a secret agent
d: a person who works toward achieving the objectives of a larger interest 

If you watched The Rachel Maddow Show last night, you may have found the following video an intriguing expose on Trump's leadership.  If you did not view the segment last night, I have embedded the 11-minute segment along with a posted link to a Reuters piece.

How can the US Congress continue to avoid consideration of Trump and his inner circle are compromised Russian operatives (facilitators as a minimum)? Operatives regarding their actions when no matter Trump's affinity for dictators, is an enemy state.

Reuters: Russian spy chief met U.S. officials in U.S. last week: sources

America, we have a problem!

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