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Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Record Setting President (If You Listen; I Will Lie To You)

If You Listen; I Will Lie To You

Yesterday we published this piece regarding a long-term Fox News Left hating demagogue who decided to severe his relationship with the network rather than continue a life of lies and deceit. Colonel Peters was particularly useful to Fox when network producers crafted frequent anti-Presdient Obama segments. And Peters was particular useful to the vile anti-Obama Fox Business host Stuart Varney as shown in the (linked) segment. All things must end. 

While all of America knows Fox News isn't a news network in any sense.  The network is a conduit to conservative absorption of ideology comparable to current Sinclair Broadcasting's role (New Yorker Magazine; Mother Jones) in advancing Trumpism via local news networks. Fox has the nation's highest level of broadcast viewership of Americans (and some foreigners) who thrive off soaking-up lies, misinformation and deceit like a Goldfish bottom feeding remnants of a daily feeding.

Actually the Fox News mission parallels that of the White House Communications Department (including Sarah Huckabee Sanders) in serving as a conduit and rationalize of all things Trump. An existentially reality which carries a burden of covering for what follows in the video (below).  A President of the United States whose first thought is to always lie while also suffering from a chronic aversion to admitting lies once the lie is exposed as such. 

All Things Must End

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