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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

As Trump's World Turns (Firings, Video & Reminders)

Time For As Trump's World Turns

Democratic consultant and strategist, Keith Boykin, closely monitors the daily manifestations of Donald Trump. The following tweet exemplifies the depths of shame Trump has imbued in the US presidency. Can you imagine Barack Obama referring to anyone in government as having a low Intelligence Quotient (IQ)? And the criticism from Trump comes from a person who shows he is of limited mental acuity and he does so on a daily basis.

Donald Trump calls black Congresswoman Maxine Waters "a very low IQ individual."

That's normal, right?
— Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) March 11, 2018

Speaking of the most guttural of utterances form a person who occupies the Oval Office,; watch Trump referred to an NBC News show host a disparaging name which actually disparages the host's mother.

Imagine the laughter and smiling faces via the predominate high-end Baby Boomer white audience. How disgusting the level f rational deprivation from conservatives who support Trump. 

Let's move further into the national abyss.

What follows is the epitome of null leadership in a position which should have impeccable leadership.

Betsy DeVos made billions administering AMWAY, along with her husband. She was a significant Trump financial contributor and (somehow) received an appointment to head Trump's Department of Education. The appointment received Senate confirmation by the slightest of margins: one vote. and she has served in a manner befitting the narrow confirmation vote.

Devos is a very wealthy lost soul.  Before the following video snippet, it is critical to note she has been in her position for over one year. 

Imagine that.  I offer what you observed is an indication of the caliber of person Trump places in key national positions.  

Speaking of key positions. Tillerson..." You're Fired."

Trump's Sec'y of State essentially fired via Twitter.  It seems Tillerson was warned of the pending firing and cut short his trip to Africa.  Yet, I will wager he didn't suspect his demise would come as unceremoniously as via Twitter.


It appears Trump's null "personal assistant" was escorted from the White House yesterday.  Escorted from the White House like Omarosa?  The Wall Street Journal Reports:

Trump’s longtime personal assistant, John McEntee, is fired for unspecified security issue via @WSJ
It appears Rachel Maddow's Trump Departure Board is going to need a bigger room (set).

We will soon revisit.. As Trump's World Turns.

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