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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mnuchin Reminds Of Trump Administration Incompetence

Did He Say "Line-Item Veto?"

While sitting with Fox News's Chris Wallace this past Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin offered up an alarming statement. The Treasury Secretary said Congress could give President Donald Trump "line-item veto" power.
Line-item veto
  1. the power of a president, governor, or other elected executive to reject individual provisions of a bill.
We as a nation should have the expectation members of the President's cabinet have some degree of knowledge regarding the "unconstitutional" line-item veto. Apparently that isn't the case. Mnuchin's latest international embarrassment speaks volumes about high level federal ineptitude/incompetence, or he speaks as a prelude to how many on the Right via the US Constitution (as adjudicated by the SCOTUS).

The Wallace interview in brief (1:26 minutes)

We will comment no further, since there is little point in occupying more of your reading time when Mnuchin's comments were so stark and indicative of a failing adminisrtation, .  

You can, however, read more at The Week dot com. linked here.

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