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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Trump: Lie Tracking (Wash Po and Politifact)

You know this guy. 

 We have a reality TV reincarnation of Pinocchio in the White House and he is in the news every day. The 45th is the consummate or penultimate circa 2017-18 Pinocchio.

The PolitiFact scorecard (Trump File Link)

According to analysis via Politifact of 525 plus statements, the Tampa Bay Times fact checker found only 16% to have various degrees of Truth. Only 5% were assessed totally True.

A problem by any measure and a sure sign of a mind which is not of a stable foundation.  While we are not individuals with advances studies in the human mind, it is nonetheless easy to assess a pathology in Trump which fits the profile of a pathological liar. 

The Tampa Bay Times only assessed just over 500 statements. The Washington Post has continued a running assessment of Trump lies since he stepped into the Oval Office. We have linked the Post piece here.

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