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Monday, April 23, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Kelly Anne Conway Goes Alternate Facts (Melania VS Michelle?) VIDEO

Watch and listen to Trump's number one presstitute and personal cheerleader respond when asked about national magazines not publishing about Trump's wife: Melania.
"Melania Trump is such a superior and excellent First Lady," Kellyanne told TMZ ... "This country is so lucky to have her."


After 1.3 years of in the Oval Office with clear evidence of personal indifference to racial intolerance and tacit support for overt racism, the rational person would think the use of the word would be offered with caution. Of course, if Conway is bound to tickling Trump's innards as all members of his inner circle, we shouldn't be surprised with her use of the word "superior." It seems I may have thought my way into the full understanding of the use of the word. The thought Conway would respond with any level of honesty would mean real trouble around the White House, for Conway. Yes, it was probably best to clone frequent use of the obvious lie to get through the moment.

Aside from handing a subliminal visual to the nation's white supremacists, Conway also offered Trump supporters an Inauguration crowd moment. 

Largest inauguration crowd ever.

The lie is one reality; pictures offer a real truth about Trump's inauguration. 

Related image

If you have 48 seconds more for another video, watch Conway state what it seems she is now doing regarding Michelle Obama (in additions to playing the bigot card). Alternative Facts.  

Another case of Trump shaping the world in which we live. Conway's addition to the American lexicon is shameful while lacking any level of credibility. 

Now about Michelle Obama.

NBC News on the former FLOTUS.  Link.

History dot com: Michelle Obama - First Ladies - 
Biography dot com:  Michelle Obama Biography - Biography 
Black Doctor dot com:  Job Well Done First Lady! 16 Accomplishments Of Michelle Obama 
The New York Times: To the First Lady, With Love - The New York Times
Michelle Obama worked tirelessly on issues related to child obesity She was very visible in matters related to Veterans family well being.  She is a law school graduate. Her life is consumed with her daughters and blessed with a living other.  And she is married to a class gentleman who will be regarded by US History as the president who presided over bringing the nation back from economic ruin.

Trump's wife?  I will simply refer you to a Googe search of her past and remind you of her history of plagiarizing speeches, false degree claims and a The View appearance at which she joined her husband as leading birthers.

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