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Thursday, April 19, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: The Swamp and Its Haven (Fox News)

Yes, believe it or not. You Tube video

Donald Trump campaigned throughout 2016 with this mantra at forefront of his public appearances: " I am going to drain the swamp."


Listen to the audience and their sycophancy regarding Trump's "drain the swamp." (1:12 minutes)

During his 2017 State of the Union Speech

Trump tickled members of Congress and his supporters with the mantra while many members of his cabinet were filling the swamp and hiding the swamp moss where possible.

Tom Price was fired (excuse me...resigned) from his cabinet post for matters related to travel.  Ben Carson was forced to stop his purchase of a $32,000 Dining set he claimed was ordered by his wife he is also under scrutiny for favored business status for his son. Scott Pruitt, the most heinously swampish of them all, is currently immersed in multiple cases of what seems abuse of his office. But there is another cabinet member who is coming under increasing scrutiny: Zinke, Interior Secretary.

Media Matters and Zinke.

Take a quick read of how Trump appointees follow their bosses lead and offer Fox News many opportunities to help with Trumpism (advancing Trump's agenda, ) and covering the actions of those in the Administration who stray into the swamp (and set up operational abuse). Check out the charts and graphics.

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