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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Caravan? Immigrant Caravan Aimed At The US?

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Yesterday I ran into a brief point-counterpoint on Illegal border crossings (from the US Southern border). A shot of bad data fired at me was a number conservative often quote regarding immigration: 12 million people crossing the border. Interesting. While population data indicates the US has approximately 11 plus million people in the US who are undocumented, the juxtaposition of "12 million" in the argument seemed very much Lou Dobbs or Ann Coulter like.

My comments about the dramatic decrease in southern border crossings, as usual, was ignored or misunderstood. Fox News doesn't report on the dwindling number of border crossings unless the networks want to banter the reality of a drop in border crossing since Trump took office.  Historic data doesn't reach the grey matter of Fox News viewers.  MSNBC, on the other hand, consistently reports such data.

With all that is going on around the globe and in the US which lends to news coverage, it is sad to have people who respond to Trump's idiotic meandering with "dog whistle" induced mantra. Mantra offered up via Fox News and based on Fox News.

After moving away from issues related to DACA, Trump reinserted DACA into the national dialog after a morning of Fox News and visits from Hannity, Pirro and (suspected Lou Dobbs via the phone).  Fox News took an annual event (protest) regarding strife in Latin America and labeled it a traveling "caravan" of brown people head to the US southern border.  Well, imagine the reaction of tin-head conservatives as their Individual bigot level increasing comparable to watching a slow-moving CAT 5 Hurricane approach their picket fences and backyards. Of course, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge a key point. Trump's possibly also reacted to the need to bolster his base as we move towards the 2018 mid-term elections.

Caravan via Snopes

There was no caravan of immigrants chopping at the bits and wearing out shoes headed to cross the US southern border. The mere sight of an annual gathering was enough for far-right demagogues to excite the bigoted psyche of Donald Trump while also offering a political weapon.

All said we now have a dissipated annual event (after Mexican intervention), proclamations to have National Guard troops at the border and lingering cable news guest using the "caravan" mantra when they know it was border invading caravan. 

NPR also published a piece on the "caravan" and consequence of following Trump dog whistles.

Guard your psyche.

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