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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fox & Friends; Trump Unhinged Meltdown

I would give my presidency an A+

Early this morning Donald Trump sat for a phone segment with his preferred Fox News show: Fox & Friends. He sat for 30 full minutes while occupying virtually all of the talking minutes while rambling around like a fish out of water. Trump so obviously has many things to hide from public scrutiny, he cannot afford to sit back and allow legal proceedings to work to closure. The nation's 45th president must feed carnival barking rants to his supporters.

After Michael Cohen's living quarters and office were raided along with a warrant to search and siege, we have come to expect daily tweets and rants from a person who has much to hide.

We rarely post segments from Fox & Friends because we do not view nor do we consider Fox a news network. The following segment has been embed to facilitate skipping trough Trump feed to his base. It is completely whacked-out and embarrassing for a supposed leader of our nation. 

If you watched the full segment and came away without thought of a meltdown, you are too far gone into Trumpism for your personal sanity and safety.

During the early afternoon, MSN published a piece with yet another example of how Trump's thinking process and his related oratory have backfired.  His remarks may have blown a hole directly into an argument his attorneys have used on behalf of a review of the documents seized from Cohen. Trump's claim of little chance any Cohen documents show intimate interactions between he and Trump could be a defense killer.  A prosecutor's dream. (MSN)

Stormy Daniels' attorney tweeted about the Fox & Friends blunder.

Thank you for having Mr. Trump on this morning to discuss Michael Cohen and our case. Very informative.

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