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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Fox News And Its President

We suspect the world knows that Donald Trump's most cherished adviser is Fox News and its host of demagogues and Right-wing functionaries. The pathetic nature of 45's obsession with Fox News is unparalleled in US history (media guiding a US President) and danger to every fabric of humankind. The press and modern media have a long history of influence or impact of federal and state governance. In fact, certain of the crafters of the US Constitution wrote extensively about the "press" and its impact on Colonial life and the developing Continental government.

The influence of the network on Trump's psyche carries many dangers.  How man times have we found Trump tweeting and speaking with false information garner from his obsessive viewing of the network. An even more dangerous reality is Trump's susceptibility to Fox New's far-right conservative managers, editors, and producers. He gets guidance from the Fox managers and shows crafters; thus his absorption of messages and ideology from people who have proven to hold views contrary to a healthy and stable social America. Example, Trump has been reported to offer Lou Dobbs an ear, he has hired a few Fox News former on-air personalities, and he without question listens to whacked out attorneys like Joe Digenova.

If you question the reality of Trump as a Fox News target for purveying far-right ideology (for the Oval Office), watch what follows.

If you think Fox News is a viable news network, you are without question a Fox News viewer and absorber of its agenda. 

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