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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Fox News and MSNBC Explore the Syrian Raid

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As Trump's woes grow as fast as crabgrass in mid-summer, some are wondering about the timing of Assad's latest gas attack on his citizens while winning the civil war in Syria. The deeper thinkers cannot help but wonder how Trump will deflect from his Michael Cohen (fixer) problem. Where does it all converge?  Let's take a look and listen to a couple of perspectives.

Fox News (46 seconds)

No worries we will never overexpose your gray matter nor your time with Fox News segments.

Of course, we know Trump gets a daily dose of Fox & Friends; a dose which shapes his world this shaping our world. A sad reality as Trump's daily does means he takes direction for a set of managers and show producers whose mission in life is to simply and thoroughly advance a conservative agenda without any regard for common decency and sanity.

How about a perspective from the diametric opposite side of political televisions news and current events?


The first 2:51 seconds relate directly to the matter of perception and the dog wag.

Question. Have you heard or read anything about Stormy (Spanky) Daniels or Michael Cohen today?

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