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Monday, April 23, 2018

Home Grown Terror In A Tennessee Waffle House

The Classic American Terrorist Strikes Again

Of course, he has mental issues. 

Yes, he attacked the Waffle House while wearing nothing more than a jacket. 

Sure he has a recent history of an arrest while attempting to get close to Trump.

Reports are he has a personal history which included having guns taken from him due to mental problems. Those same reports also stated his father facilitated re-arming the US terrorist.

US Terrorist/Murderer
Travis Reinking, 29, far-right "sovereignty" terrorist.

Sovereignty movement?  The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) defines the movement as such: linked, here. The SPLC link offers a critical connection to racist and bigoted roots of the "sovereignty movement."  The FBI has also reported on the movement as far back as 2010 linked, here.  

The horror of far-right ideology, bundled with mental illness in a mind which seems to also harbor racist views?  Well, the bundled social pervert was destined to strike; he gave all the warnings necessary to place a check on his movements and his access to firearms. And strike he did!

Yesterday, The Raw Story published a piece related the Reinking shooting. The piece links to a detailed Washington Post article about Reinking's past. Note the WashPo piece also shines more light on parenting via his father which seemed absent or remote and hands-off. The Raw Story paragraph indicates a person who should have been institutionalized years ago.

On June 16, 2017, officials say Reinking — who was living inside a shop above the offices of his father’s construction business in Tremont, Ill. — screamed at two employees before driving away wearing a pink dress and carrying an AR-15 rifle. He showed up minutes later at a local pool, jumped into the water wearing only his underwear and exposed himself to the lifeguards, a police report says. 
Reinking’s father and sister both told officials that they would try to keep the weapons away from Reinking until he gets some mental help, the report says.
The Raw Story piece; linked here. (a must read)

Think of the horrific social bundle. Extreme mental illness, apparently less need for a job, racism, firearm availability and access all led to one thing: use of the firearm to kill people.

Reinking Waffle House murders are yet another people of nation system failures regarding far-right ideology, firearms, and preferential law enforcement. 

Waffle House Victims

Of all pieces to date, we feel this Daily Mail UK piece offers the best description of the Waffle House terror.

If citizen James Shaw hadn't summoned the courage to work to save his own life, Reinking would have killed more in the restaurant.

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