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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ingraham Back On Fox News Delivering The Propaganda Against Starbbucks

Laura Ingraham is back on Fox News after her version of the "OOOPS" my advertisers are dropping me Fox News (non-previously announced) vacation.

Ingraham's segment related to immigration didn't go so well.  We do not have the full segment but the following Media Matters clip is poignant. While I question the judgment of attacking her based on her big misstep with David Hogg (advertiser protest), the guest's response to her challenge against him was newsworthy.

Ingraham is one step ahead of past former Fox News host who took incident induced vacations. Megyn Kelly returned from her "White Santa; white Jesus" remarks. Bill O'Reilly on another hand didn't; return from his sexual allegations (and payout scandal) induced vacation.

If you have a few minutes to spare, take a look and listen to Ingraham introducing typical Fox News demagoguery related the Starbucks incident which occurred a few days ago. She goes on a Fox News (business model) like criticism of the need for Starbucks to right the wrongs associated with its store managers handling of two African-American men sitting in the store. 

Starbucks is not a racist corporation by any measure. In fact, Starbucks Chairman, Howard Schultz, is a well-documented supporter of racist tolerance and diversity. No the problem with the Starbucks racially charged episodes is the very same problem as infests many across the nation: bias, bigotry and learned racism from parents and social settings (including schools). 

Ingraham focused on how Starbucks is (implied) bending over backward to avoid allegations of racism.  Well, I have to know Ingraham also saw this slip of another racists episode via a Starbucks store manager.

Starbucks as a people problem, but it wouldn't be wise to place the corporation on the same shelf with far-right, and very public privately owned corporations which have been known to practice regressive and non-inclusive policies.  

All said, the latter clip would to fit Ingraham's mission at Fox News.

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