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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Plutocracy, Kleptocracy And The Carnival

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Remember this from 10/30/2016?

The reality of Trumpism can escape people who are reticent to see the reality: A veritable swamp. The problems is in part the result of not seeing the reality. If you are one who prefers Fox News, Breitbart, Info Wars and other conservative propaganda, you will never know the full scope of your President's swamp. Data is most effective when presented in a way viewers get a quick review, ease in comparison and without lots of verbiage. The chart or the table offers Trump's swamp reality.

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Trump's record-breaking which he will never tweet.  A record which owes a major contributor acknowledgment to uber-wealthy backers.

Trumpism's money backers.

The Trump phenomenon is yet another example of GOP uber wealthy Plutocrats funding their pick for president. Let's reach beyond the Kochs tot he Mercers. The Plutocrats who facilitated Trump's rise to Kleptocracy.

Did the interview with Ed Henry actually fool any of you? Henry's interview Trump's, now, number one swamp critter and EPA Head Scott Pruitt. Watch as Pruitt fails to deliver lies with the same level of acuity offered daily from Trump.

The Carnival (Cohen, Sex. The Raid, 45)

A few days after FBI agents exercised a warrant to search and seize that the home (under repairs), hotel room and the office of Trump's family "fixer", Michale Cohen, MSNBC contributor David Korn spoke about the matter.
Trump's response to the warrant search was typical Trump, replete with nonverbal arm shielding, and customary bluster lies and circling the wagons around himself. What you are about to see reminds of people who allow a dentist to remove large numbers of teeth in preparation of dentures. I have yet to know anyone who didn't seriously reflect on their decisions as the wrong thing to do. Trump now rails like a frightened baby as anyone with rational management of their faculties think in terms of ..."If you can not do the time, do not do the crime".  

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