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Monday, April 2, 2018

Sinclair Broadcasting OAN, and Trump

Please scroll down and disengage IBT's auto audio of Trump

Trump to CNN reporter Jim Acosta during a 2017 press briefing.

What follows is ugly and it reminds of a time in world history when a future dictator plowed his path via mind-shaping communications, utter propaganda, press and speeches.

Sinclair Broadcasting is boiling over with dissent, malcontent and in some cases the prospect of news anchors and hosts contemplating leaving the Trump communications propaganda network. If you can not see nor imagine the danger in state-run or state directed media, you truly do not recall Hitler's Joseph Goebbels nor Putin's Russia Today (RT).

Image result for joseph goebbels and the press

".....on which the government can play."

Why are we at the TPI not surprised at the expanding propaganda outlets for Trumpism? Fox News is and will always remain Trump's flagship propaganda outlet and personal opinion consultant for daily issues from the Oval Office; a proven reality. Yet there is much more. Fox is joined and very effectively so with other television networks: OAN and Sinclair Broadcasting. While Fox News has a dedicated viewer-base of people who tune-in to the network each day and night the propaganda utility of Sinclair Broadcasting wouldn't go unnoticed and called out.

CNN is calling out Sinclair and with good cause.

An early morning segment via CNN. (Via Mediaite)

If you think CNN and other social media are overreacting to Sinclair's over-the-top scripting for Trump, take a Google Seach look at a few search headlines. Most of the pieces delineated on the first page of the search are links to soucrces of Trup support for Sinclair. Google.
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We mentioned "others"

How about another nascent partner of Ttrumpism. Herring Broadcasting Company a San Diego based OAN Network is working little beavers in a flood pond to rival Fox News?

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