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Monday, April 16, 2018

Starbucks Exposed? There's More?

A couple of days ago. African-American men handcuffed and removed from a Starbucks store after a 911 call from store employees. The two men were waiting for an associated who happened to be white. The racism is obvious and one should wonder how the employees would have handled the matter had the white associate been seated with the two black men.

I have read reports the manager of the Starbucks store left the company. If the employee actually did leave the company, I wonder if the employee wasn't terminated with an agreement related to promulgation of a voluntary resignation?

Kevin Johnson, CEO Starbucks, has appeared publicly with what amounts to a standard and increasingly common "apology: regarding the overt racism at the Philadelphia store.  The company also published a written apology. 
Don't these corporate statements all read similarly?

As muck goes we should know other Starbucks stores would be exposed.

Activist Shaun King and others are commenting on a video published earlier today. The store manager in the Starbucks video doesn't seem to have answers. She seems most ready and willing to avoid the 'preferred restroom bust, via typical behavior blacks and Latino's face on a daily basis. 

Starbucks, Starbucks, where forth art thou?

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