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Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Starbucks Handcuffing (Racial Profiling At Its Worse)

PHOTO: Two men were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia, April 12, 2018.

PHOTO: A general view of a Starbucks Coffee shop, Nov. 28, 2015.

No matter the rationale or crappy excuse, what follows is pure fascism supported by racism and conferred privilege. Two young black people were accosted, handcuffed and escorted off the premises of a Starbucks store in Philadelphia. Their crime: Sitting waiting for a friend while black.
Here is the video from a local news network. While it echoes and reinforces the video embed in the tweets, we feel it important to also post the news network's version.  You are part of a growing social divide in the United States If you find no cause for concern while watching the video with consideration of multiple white customer accounts of the actions against the two black men.

Phillymag dot com posted this piece regarding the woman who took the now viral video.
Melissa DePino


When did you first notice the two men who wound up being arrested at the Starbucks?
I was just sitting there working on my laptop, and I guess I first noticed them when the two first cops — the bike cops — walked in. The girl behind the counter had called 911, apparently, and the cops came and said the guys were “trespassing.” They said we were waiting for somebody, and then the white guy in the video — that’s their family friend they were waiting for — he shows up. The guys wanted to know what they did. And then more cops and more cops and more cops show up.Read more at                
The local affiliate mentioned above posted this piece regarding what it calls "growing outrage".

The video and associated details are horrific for Americans who abhor blatant cases of racism. The very racism presently manifesting across the nation from people who have been given the authority or conferred privilege to enact their racism to the point of actionable abuse of the innocent.  Recall from the written pieces, the barrister was a white woman who called #911. Called #911? 

What about white privilege carries the conferred right for whites who have apparent (or I should say obvious) bias or racist views against black people the right to call existential stormtroopers to rid themselves of the presence of black men?

In 2014 a 22-year-old African-American man, John Crawford, was summarily executed in a Walmart store.  Crawford had left the store aisles of video games and proceeded to the store department which housed BB-gun (and other firearms). He was recorded and viewed on store video holding a BB-gun (rifle)  The cop showed up said something, Crawford responded: "It's not real." He was gunned down. It is important to also to note another customer in the store died of a heart attack resulting from the sounds of gunfire. Another critical factor in the John Crawford killing by cop: he was called by a Walmart shopping white guy with a criminal record.

I Digress.  The handcuffing of the black Starbucks guys begs a question.  Should the two guys have gone to the )bigoted) barristers and announced they would sit waiting for a friend (who happened to be white)? Or should they, as young African-American males have assumed their presences would stir the ire and fright of similarly young white employees of the Starbucks store? 

Actually, each question regards consideration of factors which shouldn't even exist in a rational nation. The handcuffing of the two gentlemen speaks volumes about the deprived state of US racism and bigotry.  Have you ever see read or heard reports of a like action against a couple of young white males?

Update: Starbucks' very boilerplate "apology."

Well, Starbucks seems some of your employees have a problem:

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