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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Trump Swamp: :As Trump's World Turns (Pruitt, Interns And Sinclair)

There is a great prospect you are an American who has full eligibility to vote in US elections. The opportunity to vote is both a matter of national responsibility as well as a personal opportunity to shape the world in which we live. While it isn't a matter of over-the-top nationalism we feel comfortable in stating, as an American voter you also have an opportunity and responsibility to shape humankind. If you need an example of our point, spread a few minutes throughout your day reading a few social media posts. It is impossible to avoid the reality of Trumpism and its evil fissures and who all is permeating US society. 

There isn't a greater misfortune or greater evil than living in the USA as a Low Information Voter (LIV). People who avoid consideration of current events or national news to the level of living without the full perspective on Donald Trump and his impact on a once great nation. If you are a local news viewer almost exclusively or if you are a viewer of Fox News, a reader of Breitbart dot com or one of those whacked-out internet viewers of Info Wars, you are without question a LIV. Yet, there is a large group of fellow Americans who are deep, deep LIV: people who avoid all news or who consume themselves with reality TV. Basically, Americans who are oblivious to a world free of TV laugh track laughter or personal giggles which get them through each night. A dangerous lot to put it simply. 

On a corollary basis, the life of the High Information Voter (HIV) requires a bit more time and energy coupled with inquisitiveness and rational cognitive processing, but the HIV may exist as the nation's only defense against Trumpism and growing diminution of our formerly great nation. 

We offer an example. Do you recall Trump campaigning with a moniker of "draining the swamp"? We offer Trumpism is the swamp. 

Herewith is another visit Trump's swamp.

Today's visit to the Swamp

ABC and Scott Pruitt's administration privilege (AKA Swamp)

The 'swamp' has a particular disgusting fissure which seems to point to overt white privilege and its ugly cousins bigotry and racism.

On a few occasions, Trump has proclaimed his impact on US courts. How about a Pew Research peep at how that shaping is as white as a freshly painted white front yard fence?

While white woman voters carried the 2016 election for Trump (along with 1/3 of US eligible voters who did not vote). Do you think Trump and company would appoint female judges along with comparable or representative numbers of appointment of white male judges?
It seems "fixing" the court comes with a heavy dose of white privilege coupled with overt gender preference.

You might think, or you might resent, our foraying into reminders of Trump's creeping racism.

Reality takes form and we report.  

Let's move to another area of the swamp: overt preferential hiring. Hiring which some of you will consider the result of a lack of minority applicants.  Yes, of course......

White House Interns (Spring crew)

If you look with a magnifying glass you might find a couple of non-white interns. If you look towards the center of the image and leave full viewing to your peripheral vision, you will miss one black intern and the prospect of another non-white interns positioned directly behind him.

Interesting visual if you consider 40% of the US population is non-white. If you are one who will attempt to rationalize the racial composition of the Spring intern crew, you might be guilty of seeking to rationalize the unratioalizable. What you see is by design within the racial mindset of conservative America thus the mission of Trump and company.

The Huffington Post ran a piece regarding the image: linked here

The HUFFPO piece includes this intern image comparison to an Obama crew.

Linked here (for larger version)
White House interns, 2018 and 2015

From the innocence of unsuspecting interns to the to a direct and focused look of how Americna is being turned it a Putin like Russia. Have you heard of Sinclair Broadcasting? If your answer is "no", allow another questions. Are you a regular or occasional viewer of local televisions news? If you answered "yes", do your self a good deed and visit the website of your preferred lcoal TV channel to beocme aware of what corpration owns the network. If you find Sinclair Broadcasting is the owner,  you are being fed current events and propaganda akin to that dedicated Fox News viewer.

A pictue is worth over a thousand words.

Image result for fox news toilet heads

If you prefer a less dramatic verison and you are a regualr viewer of Sinclair News local channels, you are bombarding your grey matter with Trump propaganda. 

Deadspin recently offered a perspective on roadcasting which is no less than national proganada which if not checked could mirror that of Hitler's Joseph Goebbels. 

Related Deadspin piece, here.

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