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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Trumpism: Espousing The Corruption And Utter Void of Decency

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Earlier today CNN ran a segment with Trump's nominee to head the Veterans Administration and his overnight withdrawal from the nomination process. While I doubt there are ten people in the US who actually believe Jackson was even remotely qualified to head the federal agency with 300,000 plus employees, We shouldn't shy away from the reality Trump; is the lousiest of managers.

The CNN segment included an intriguing statement for a Republican contributor.  Matt Lewis.....
“This is yet another example of Trump taking actually someone who had a pretty sterling reputation, this guy way highly regarded and respected… and now his reputation is in tatters,” Lewis said. “For some reason Donald Trump has this sort of reverse Midas effect on people he interacts with.”
Here are the remarks about one minute after another contribution spoke about Trump and his manner of influencing the message:  linked.

Here is the full segment:

A nation should be aware of the dangers inherent in the president it elected in 2016.

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How about a few other reminders?



Trump: A Fact Checker's Dream

Jared Kushner

The Rachel Maddow Show recently ran a segment about the undercurrent of privilege and money guided administration for Trump's son-in-law. What follows is a bit long (run time), but I cannot think of a news related segment which should garner more attention. Yes, this one is a big deal and worthy of the 7:43 minutes viewing time.

Rachel Maddoow looks at past reporting on Jared Kushner's sketchy meetings with Chinese officials, and notes the tie-in to a scoop in Ronan Farrow's new book "War on Peace" that found Kushner to be the source of Rex Tillerson remarks parroting China's preferred ... more Duration: 7:43

Trump is without question a serious threat the to well-being of our democracy.

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