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Monday, April 30, 2018

Trumpism: A Strategy Regarding Trump Lying (Ignore it?)

CNN will on occasion flash a segment with a known Trumpite: Matt Schlapp. For years I assumed Schlapp was or is a paid contributor as he fits the CNN broadcast model like a tight tee shirt. A contributor from the Left; a contributor from the Right...two minutes of overripe partisan comments with an occasional infusion from a host.  

Schlapp a few other Right wig talking heads ake for intriguing and simultaneous disgust dialog with pure devotion to anything Trump. The CNN right-wingers are intelligent people; they are not mildness red cap wearing placard waving Trump heads. They earn handsomely while receiving a paycheck from CNN while spewing daily talking points for the White House

Talking Points is a strategic tool the GOP has honed into a fine-tuned communications and propaganda weapon. Schlapp is one of the very best at wrinkling his brow and delivering the points like a real trooper.  Today the White House strategy took an interesting, telling and shameful turn. Schlapp actually mentioned media shouldn't call out Trump for his daily lies.  Watch (two minutes).

Schlapp would have the nation ignore the reality of a president whose first thought is to tell a lie It is mentally and physically impossible to avoid consideration of the person as a pathological liar when the number of lies reaches a point of 84% untrue (in some degree). He would suggest that media overlook the most serious of Trump's character traits: the lie.

Politifact Trump File

There was a time in America.

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Would Schlapp have it as did Joseph Goebbels and Hitler in the mid-1920s? Schlapp is crtianly not a fire breathing Nazi, but his message is without question outsdie the relam of democracy and a free press.

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Does the White House actually believe a major of Americans will join Trump's millions via fully supporting any and all utterances from Trump's brain and mouth? Is it possible Trump's propaganda cadre believes the media (press) is in total their national Sinclair Broadcasting/Fox News?

Examples of Trump's utterances during his Michigan rally were capture by Chris Cillizza and published on CNN Politics. Linked here.

If you have a few more minutes watch a CNN segment with another well known Trumpite Jason Miller. The early morning segment relates to the weekend White Huse Correspondent's Dinner and the Rights chagrin for jokes and roasting against Trump staffers. The final minutes of the nine-minute segment is key.

As I finished the Navarro/Miller CNN segment I found myself re-reading the Joseph Goebbels quotes. 

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