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Thursday, May 3, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: The Gazette

Guiliani Jade Helm, 15, Playboy, White Supremacy

Look close. Are these two so-called religious leaders snuggling with Trump directly in front of a Playboy Magazine with Trump all over the cover? Doesn't Playboy have a history of pornography?

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Imagine any generic Democrat in that setting. Now, after you finished that imagery, imagine Barack Obama in the picture. Of course, Obama wouldn't have such publications on public display; yet the imagery works. 

Putin's Russia Fueled Jade Helm 15 Military Exercise Hysteria

On a more serious yet strangely comparable note do you recall the major heartburn and threads from the Texas governor and thousands across the southern states about a military exercise a few years back? Jade Helm 15 literally drove the Right mad.  

The genesis for the over-the-top concern is now being reported to have roots in Putin's Russian army. 

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From Russian Energized Hysteria To Blossoming Homegrown White Supremacy.

I wonder why these people don't run as Democrats?  Could the answer lay in conservative America? Both questions are rhetorical.

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Rudy Giuliani Blew The Top Off The $130,000

Speaking of Trump supporters. Imagine how it might feel to be hit in the face by Mike Tyson each day and throughout the day? If Tyson doesn't work for you, how about being repeatedly hit by Jerry Cloney of the Larry Holmes era? In either case, your face nor your mind would withstand the pummeling or a very long time.

How about our daily pummeling of insanity, lies, and deceit from Trump and his cabal? Something to consider for certain. 

Herewith is your latest head punch.  Rudy Giuliani goes rogue on the Trump carnival.
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Trump reality show TV is pushing me towards a full-fledged 10 and out count. I can only hope his supporters are also reeling from the daily barrage of lies across the face. If they are not, and I don't see indication they are, the US is in bug trouble with Russia and China chopping at the bits and snickering like Snidely Whiplash.

The Trials And Tribulations Of The Presstitute

After Rudy Giuliani surprised the world with last night's admission that Trump repaid his fixer for money paid to Stormy Daniels Trump's presstitutes are bobbing and spinning while trying to earn paychecks while espousing false realities or alternative facts. Sara Huckabee Sanders was the first to face responses to Giuliani's revelations, but rest assured the full are of presstitutes suffered similarly. Watch Jason Miller on Erin Burnett's CNN broadcast. Personal Opinion: No Sarah Sanders doesn't do a fine job as Press Secretary for Trump. She certainly complies with Trump's daily talking points and edicts but she also took an oath of office.

Talking head presstitutes will drive rational people to levels of anger when the person normally comes across in a much more reserved manner.

Tomorrow will certainly bring more carnival acts.

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