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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Scandal, "Witch Hunt" and The Reality

Image result for scandalsThere was a time when a Google search of the most scandalous US presidency (paraphrased) would yield at least one link to a Wikipedia article with links to Warren Harding and Reagan Administration. While Reagan kept himself just above the cauldron of scandal which infested the US Cabinet and the US House and Senate, his years in office ended in a historic scandal centered on arms for hostages and Oliver North traipsing around the globe oozing with false nationalist scandals.

After the Iranians stormed and overran the US Embassy and took the staff hostage, Ronald Reagan's inauguration found an almost immediate release of the hostages while Jimmy Carter faded into Presidential History. Some wondered why the almost immediate hostage release. 



The Witch Hunt
You are probably not old enough to recall the last episode of US History which transpired with a US President and his men: labeling a developing scandal a "Witch Hunt."

Richard Nixon and his henchmen during the Watergate break-in scandal and its coverup resorted to the "Witch Hunt" strategy and mantra.


Image result for Nixon, Aides Believe Hearing Is Witch Hunt”

Image result for Nixon, Aides Believe Hearing Is Witch Hunt”

Why do conservatives so relish past history they recycle it?  They recycle even in cases where the original episode evaporated in failure (eg. felony convictions, jail sentences, and US President removed from the Oval Office.

Donald Trump has immersed not the most heinous and pervasive scandal since the signing of the Declaration of Independence and promulgation of the US Constitution. Would you know he would deploy the time-worn Witch Hunt: strategy?

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump 

This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history! 7:52 AM - May 18, 2017


The Russian Scandal as a Witch Hunt is a depsarate strategy to combat a web of election scandal. The Trump Administration is setting record levels of scandal and subsequent investigations. Wiki link. (View Trump after 17 months compared to other US Presidents who served full terms, and more often two terms.)

Richard Nixon as prologue to the Years Of Trump.

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