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Friday, May 4, 2018

Celebrating The April Unemployment Report While Losing A Debate

Unemployment dips to lowest rate since 2000

The US unemployment rate dropped to a 3,9% while adding 164,000 jobs; the lowest unemployment rate since Bill Clinton Administration gave way to the Bush Years.  The continued job growth mark seven-plus years the US economy has added jobs. 

The steady economic progress is well beyond simply notable; it is phenomenal.

Wouldn't you know the great economic report has provided an impetus for conservative rebel yells like we have read nor heard in years?

During a morning point-counterpoint with a conservative who says he finds Trump less than a stellar character, I was hit with this Facebook post:
Funny, unemployment is below 4% first time since 2000, stock market is up, up, up, peace may be coming to Korea, prisoners may be released, taxes down, government regs. being reduced, businesses hiring, and all you got is Stormy.
"....and all you got is Stormy." 

Stormy Daniels is providing the icing on the cake of Trump's utter sleaziness. Nothing against Ms. Daniels and her professional career choices, the issue with Trump is his utter promiscuity and related sleaze.

I digress, let's consider the debater's use of today's unemployment statistics.

First, the Market indices are up without question.

Today's Dow Jones (DJIA) 323 point gain was very impressive. It would have been much more impressive if today's gain hadn't been preceded by DJIA drops a few weeks back which settled with the indices dropping 500 plus points. Yet is it really "fair to claim today's market indices as solely that of Trump's first 16 months in Office?  There is actually only one answer and that answer is "No" for the rational mind and the deep thinker.

Let's take a high information perspective on the Dow. The three embeds below totally refute any prospect the conservative debate could simply claim stellar market growth without recognition of the Obama economic success.

How about the Standard Poor's Index from Obama's Inauguration till April 30th Vs Trump's S&P performance?

The Washington Post

Basically, it is impossible to build a building by starting the foundation on the third floor.  No, the foundation is laid well before floor three. Trump supporters claiming today's markets are only celebrating the fact the markets did not collapse upon Trump's inauguration. 

The conservative Trump supporter mentioned taxes are down. Yes of course taxes are down via the Trump/Ryan tax cut for the nation's wealthy. For point of reference, I am not seeing nor hearing large numbers of income taxpayers praising the impact of the tax cuts. I have read about chagrin from older taxpayers who itemize their tax deductions. Ryan took away the personal exemption for age 65 or older.  Well, those are Boomers and pre-boomer age groups (a Trump and GOP voter haven)!

"Businesses are hiring." the FaceBook poster stated. Yes, businesses are hiring but did the hiring start on January 21, 2017? 

The chart denotes business hiring with significant drops in the nation's unemployed over the curse of Obamas years. 

On a daily basis, we hear or read conservative talking heads or Trump speaking about the Obama years and how his months in office have been different (than Obama's)  and record-breaking.  

There is one area of separation between Obama and Trump. A quick look at their first months in office is quite revealing.  

Image result for obama bs trump lies

But, the conservative debater would never go there.

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