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Friday, May 25, 2018

Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Conspiracy

Why are we not questioning the soundness of Trump's mind?

If you are reading here there is a 98% prospect you do not believe Trump's latest "carnival bark" about FBI spying on his campaign. 

Isn't it obvious Trump has much to hide? Well, not so fast. You and I may recognize and actually care that Trump is a pathological liar with much to hide, but there are segments of the population who do not agree. 

Take a look at a screenshot from a segment from the Dateline: White House show on MSNBC.

Today's newscasts (non-Fox News) have reported that 53% of Republicans believe the FBI worked against the Trump campaign. A social media post was recently posted with a headline indicating 71% of white evangelicals support Trump. Americans who could become a dangerous foundation in a nation which seems to be moving rapidly towards an authoritarian state.

A critical consideration is how anyone could actually believe Trump's conspiracy shenanigans when his history of such malfeasance is well documented.

While the graphic hits home and delivers a message about the nation's Oval Office carnival barker, here is the full segment if you wish to view it. Frankly, the segment is simply talkie-talk among well-paid network contributors and the host. Wallace and show contributors delivered copious opinions within the central theme why people believe Trump.

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