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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

CPAC's Schlapp Exposed As A Mere Talking Points Deliverer (Trump Mocked Reporter-WHCD)

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A few days back we published a piece regarding the Head CPAC's, Matt Schlapp, interview with CNN's Early Morning Show hosts. The short version of the post was Schlapp's suggestion that journalists overlook, or ignore, Trump's pathological lying via not reporting on the lies. Schlapp actually stated it was wrong for reporters (journalist) to report on Trumps lies. Doesn't Schlapp's comment have the sound of totalitarian media control?

His remarks seeming wantonly void of any consideration of democracy and a free press. Schlapp also via his remarks bought a sate in what seems growing efforts by the neo-GOP to cleanse Trump, and perceptions of Trump, of any wrongs or ills while clearly working to established Trump as an all being rulers like Putin and China's, Xi Jinping.

It appears the CNN Hosts reconvened an interaction with Schlapp this morning. It didn't go well for Schapp in any way.  He refused to comment about Trump's campaign trail mocking a psychically challenged reporter while working to deliver talking points against US media (I assume other than Fox News or Sinclair Broadcasting).

The segment is over nine minutes long but relevant down to the second, The backstory is the recent White House Correspondent's Dinner and guest comedian, Michelle Wolf.

Conservative talking heads delivering approved talking points is nothing more than propaganda from media/communications shapers (propagandists) of dictators throughout history.

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