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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Giuliani Still Speaking Badly ("I'm Learning....")

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There are times when the facial reveals it all.

As Rudy Giuliani works back his comments regarding his client's interactions with Stormy Daniels, potential hush payments related to those interactions (full interview), he reappeared to speak with Fox News host and fellow Trump adviser Jeanne Pirro.

Today on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos. The segment is 20 minutes plus runtime, but we must realize we are watching living US History bursting before our eyes. A history which includes a president who makes disastrous staffing choices with the hiring of Giuliani appears to be the most disastrous of choices for his "legal team." 

How can that be considered anything but a comedy act in Trump's carnival tent? 

The attorney for Stormy Daniels certainly feels the ABC News interview was not only ill-advised, he seems to fill it further pushed nails into Trump's opportunity to successfully defend against him and Ms. Daniels's legal entanglements.

Giuliani is a choice Trump will also regret. It is impossible to believe Giuliani won't end his Trump Administration time here.....

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