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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Iran Nuclear Deal Scuttle (Who Wins?)

We don't have an answer, but we know Putin loves it, Isreal loves it and so does Trump's sycophants.
donald trump

April 30, 2018, in the Rose Garden: lies.

The Washington Post

Four Pinocchios

Earlier today

Forty-one seconds in US History and yet more nation killing buffoonery by Trump.
While the majority of media are reporting on the decision as yet another example of the extent to which Trump operates well outside the realm of practical, sane and competent leadership while completely outside the spirit of cooperativeness.  Some are positing Trump is simply fulfilling a campaign promise.  

His fulfilling the campaign promise will yield null excitement for some while putting economic hardships on the middle-class and lower income families. Rhetoric regarding pulling out of NAFTA, declaring China a money manipulator, building a wall across the full span of the southern border and ensuring all have affordable medical coverage. campaign promises fulfilled for people who gave him an electoral win (including those who didn't vote in 2016) will provide a feeling of glee for some but in the long run, many of in the middle and lower-income Americans will suffer economic setbacks. 

A few sub headlines from The Business Insider delineates one area of sure setbacks.
    • Trump's decision is projected to remove 250,000 to 500,000 barrels per day of Iranian oil from the market.
    • The decrease in oil supply will likely increase prices and eventually cause US gas prices to rise.
    • The bump in gas prices could eat into US households' discretionary income.
    The Washington Post also published similarly. 

    Former President Obama commented on Trump's dealing scuttling.

    Stupid Is as Stupid Does

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