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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Mueller Worked For Obama For Eight Years? Trump Q & L (Question & Lie) More Of The Same

Image result for “In all fairness, Bob Mueller worked for Obama for eight years.”

Yesterday Donald Trump apparently decided to precede his trip to the NRA conference with a walk up Q & L (Lie) for the nation. He exited a South Lawn entrance to the White House and before entering Air Force One (helicopter), stopped for a quick barrage of lies to reporters. 

After his visit to the press line, we published a piece with a few of his comments. There was one comment which even Trump and his staff should have known would draw fact-checkers. His comment about Special Counsel Mueller working for former president Obama was yet another example of carnival barking without forethought or a lie for lie sake. (I suggest, both)
“So you have all these investigators. They’re Democrats,” Trump added. “In all fairness, Bob Mueller worked for Obama for eight years.”
The comment is almost as exaggerated as Trump's team of investigators in Hawaii finding great stuff about Obama's birth certificate. Correction: That was a boldfaced lie.

Rather than copy and past a full piece from Fact Checker dot org. I am opting to post the title of a critical read via the title link and another link just below. Excellent read.

Trump’s Misleading Attack on Mueller Team

Read here

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