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Thursday, May 17, 2018

New York Lawyer Hides Under And Umbrella And Runs From Cameras

Why not just wear a Hood and Robe? 

This week we have received yet another example of why people depicted in the two images directly below chose to dress in hoods and robes.

Image result for KKK

Image result for KKK

We received our reminder via the racists below who is reported to have contributed $500 to the Trump for President campaign.   

Aaron Schlossbergmidtownracist51618.jpg

Why would a New York lawyer who advertises he accepts clients who speak Espanol, come up in our discussion of the two images above?

One of many Yelp website comments left for the racist prior to his canceling all comments on the site. (The Blue State Daily web page) We posted this comment for validation of this use of Espanol on his Yelp advertisement. It should be noted a call to the law office led to comments from the person who answered the phone that people who call the office must speak English.

Well, as you know by now he cast himself in the leading role of the nation's the most recent example of a Trump deplorable. While the full episode wasn't caught on camera enough of what we call:  "White People Calling Authorities When Nonwhites Enjoy Life"

Apparently, The leading man 48 hours later isn't receptive to accolades and publicity inherent in well broadcast leading roles. He was caught exiting a taxi in Manhattan earlier today.

Lawyer Aaron Schlossberg (center holding an umbrella) takes a cell phone video of reporters taking his video.

Shameful actually! The New York Post is reporting the racist immigration enforcer has been ordered out of his office space.

Seventy-two hours after his racist tirade, check out Mr. America. Linked.

Five things you need to know about the racist attorney.

Aaron Schlossberg: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

 Alas, we would never report on white men in a leading role if there is also an exhibition of white women offer a classic performance of the same. Watch the following video and pay particular attention when the clip gets to the 4: 22-second mark.

We really believe in diversity and feel it important to provide exhibitions of both men and women acting badly.

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