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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Presstitutes: Giuliani Hides and Conway Goes 'People Are Starved For Unique Content'

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This past week Trumps increasingly quiet presstitute, Kelly Anne Conway, seeks to rationalize Fox News's, Sean Hannity. Hannity has openly said he is not a journalist. He also has a public history of advising Trump while sitting on Fox News defending all things conservative even to the point of openly lying and doctoring videotape.

As you view what follows, recognize this is the same Trump aide who went here after Sean Spicer was ordered to lie about the size of Trump's inauguration crowd.

It is unfortunate but due to Conway's skills at twisting topics and convoluted answers, the segment is 3:39 minutes long. But, you have to watch the segment for perspective.

Ridiculous, right?  Imagine a vernacular entry into the annals of US English with a background based in a flat-out lie: alternative facts." 

Conway tells the American public that many of them prefer anti-liberal propagandized entertainment regarding all things Trump. 

Conway defends propaganda. Linked. here. The full Crooks & Liars story

There isn't an attorney presstitute who stands taller and more off-the-rocker than Rudy Giuliani. Watch as the former New York City mayor and former federal prosecutor goes bat crazy when confronted with past on-camera remarks which were contrary to his "Trump Presstitute" positions. Undoubtedly a nascent position slated with dollars.

Does personal credibility have a prove?  Obviously, Trump knows how to pay for the preferential talk. 

The real question is do these paid talkers influence your psyche and ideology?

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