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Saturday, May 5, 2018

QUICK HIT: Surrogacy OF The Foolish (Paris Dennard Never Heard Trump Lie)

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Apparently, CNN's continued programming of panels which include as many as seven guest contributors are yielding viewers, associated revenue and contributor embarrassment unmatched on other cable news networks.

As you know we keep a close eye and ear on the daily lies told by the nation's 45th President and we often post regarding his most ardent propagandist. People who are forced to go on national (international) television and openly lie to secure paychecks for both CNN and some entity of Trumpism.  If you are lucky enough to catch one of Trump's presstitutes on CNN (or MSNBC) who happened to be less seasoned or not as adroit at lying as others presstitutes, you are in for a belly rolling chuckle. What follows is a classic and humorous example of the aforementioned: Paris Dennard. 

Dennard performs for an audience of one. He like all Trump surrogates who are contracted as presstitutes, have to know Trump is absent comment veracity and will lie before he will speak the truth.  They work for money and the prospect of garnering favor with a president who will one day return to the business sector with all associated posts and personal service contracts. While we know Dennard is a conservative, we also know he is not insane. The only conclusion for his CNN comments about Trump's lying must live in the same realm delineated in the following video.

Historic and unbelievable for those who do not work for an audience of one.

Literally unfathomable.

While that particular willing Trump stooge was released from her duties (If there were actual duties) at the White House she left that a king in his court legacy example of Trump worship and subservience.  We are sure her future book and associated book hawking will include supervening comments about the most revealing example of acting for an audience of one we have ever witnessed.

The bottom line consideration. Does anyone actually care when Trump lies?  CNN's Anderson Cooper comments on Trump lies.

While many Americans and people across the globe care if Trump lies, it is important to recognize the similarity in Trump and past leaders who embraced authoritarian forms of totalitarianism.  The lie serves a vital role.
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Related image

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We offer the most heinous of examples for a reason. We are not suggesting Trumpism is a prelude to total totalitarianism. We are poting to tendencies inherent in one who lies as a matter of personal pathology and where it can lead. 

Influencing or controlling the media? 

After his inauguraionf and press media coverage of Trump's lies commeneced with Sean Spicers decalriaoton of the largest and most attended inauguration "ever" Trump within months started his anti-media campaign. 

Trump on video: A, B, C (US News & World text only), D ("the media doesn't love America"), E; we will end our example shere. If you need more evidence of a national leader who is motived to disparage the press while establishing what he calls his agenda, simply watch cable news (other than Fox News). Examples are a daily occurrence.

There is an example of dire and possible terminal treatment of journalist if they report outside the approval of a national leader: See Russia.

Trump's hordes of presstitutes are reinforcing forces of his desire to promulgate media and press which will simply report on his daily manifestations much like /Fox News. while CNN has ample numbers of paid Trump talking heads, and MSNB to a lesser degree, let's close with another example of Dennard as an unhinged mouthpiece. 

Trump surrogacy gone overboard. Dennard seeks to defend Trump's reputation regarding his alleged payment to a porn actress.  Three minutes of pure Joseph Goebbels like insanity.

Gone overboard.

Whe te very young can callout a president for lying, the future cannot feel secure.

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