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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sunday Morning With Trump Talking Heads Earning Money Via Alternative Facts

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Early today CNN's Jake Tapper sat with Trump staffer Kelly Anne Conway for what amounted to a lengthy alternate facts segment. During the segment, Conway apparently stated or implied trump wasn't one who lies. We will join that segment in a but. First, let's remind ourselves (as if we really need to remind ourselves) of Trump's utter lack of veracity, honesty, and credibility.

The day after Donald Trump's inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, he commenced his propaganda and self-defense campaign via dispatching his (then) Press Secretary to declare his inauguration audience was the largest ever.

Spicer was clearly reading text handed to him via the White House Staff ad seemed to have a touch of Trump hyperbole laced throughout the pressers' sentences.  The Tampa Bay Times Fact-checker, Politifact rated the statements "Pants on Fire", while photographs offered an irrefutable counter to Trump's crowd size lie. 
Pants on Fire!
Spicer"That was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period."
— Sean Spicer on Saturday, January 21st, 2017 in a press conference

Anyone who has access to a television and international news knows Donald Trump has a mental pathology which leads to lying at a record level. Trump staffers who agree to television interviews to counter the reality of Trump as a pathological liar, simply have no regard for their own credibility. They work for money and they work for the now Vs. the future.  There is little to no future in being archived in US History as a presstitute for a president who lies at an unequaled level. 

National press and media have documented the stupefying level of Trump's lack of veracity.  One very revealing graphic related to Trump's lying was published in The New York Times. 

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Since we have referenced a few sources which you might consider liberal (or progressive if the word liberal doesn't become you), it is worthwhile to also show how one Fox News host views Trump's administration with full acceptance of his lies are part of the problem.  And, yes America we do have a problem.

Neil Cavuto

Now let's move to the Jake Tapper interview (short version and the full interview, if you wish)
The full interview

No matter the words Conway uses to deflect away from Trump's lying, rational Americans and people across the globe can see the truth for themselves.  While we wouldn't expect Conway nor Huckabee Sanders to declare Oh yes he lies, we once held a sense of decency and respect for the majority of US presidents. Certainly, each former president was busted for lying at various degrees. Bush (DUBYA) most definitely took the nation to the precipice of an abyss of national death, Trump in 16 months has set the nation on a path of no return.

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