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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Trump Doctor's Office Raided? (In 2017)

There is something very totalitarian about what follows.

Read this quick piece from NBC News. Apparently, in February 2017, the doctor who discovered that weirdly written report about Trump's health during the 2016 Campaign stepped outside the bounds of Trumpism. He mentioned prescribing a drug to facilitate hair growth, Oh boy an arch crime in Trump world.

According to multiple media, the good doctor's office was raided by Trump longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller and a couple of additional henchmen. They sought and took Trump medical records. It should be noted and reinforced the raid took place just after Trump was inaugurated.


Trump doctor Harold Bornstein says bodyguard, lawyer 'raided' his office, took medical files

It appears Trump via Sarah Huckabee Sanders isn't quite ready to use the word "raid." 
Didn't Michelle Wolf last Saturday comment about Sanders and "burning facts?"

Now I must ask: "Who are you going to believe?"

Talking Points Memo posted a telling post on Facebook this afternoon.

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