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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Trumpism: Are You Living The Lie?

Politifact 29 page Trump File

If you visit the Trump File know that either of two dynamics will occur. You will either have your contempt for a lying president reinforced or you as a Trump supporter will suffer a tsunami butt-pucker (sphincter contraction if you prefer) will be consumed with anger at the Tampa Bay Times.  

If you are of the latter support group the data which follows will be of no surprise. Yes, of course, you might suffer tsunami butt pucker (sphincter contraction if you prefer) via personal anger at media for reporting accurately. Accuracy which butts-up against your personal paradigm of sycophancy common only to the fabled Pied Piper or the Judas Goat. But, Trump is your leader; he offers the social regression and bigotry you seek in the current US Presidency. He offers a state of mind nurtured and carefully and skillfully shaped from your childhood forward. 

You may recall over the past few elections you may have cloaked yourself in that time-worn yet effet charade of the GOP as the party of fiscal responsibility. 

The Economist recently published a piece which offers irrefutable evince of the GOP is not in anyway fiscally conservative. The Economist linked

The GOP is no such force and after many years of promulgating and shaping national bigotry (often in the form of religion), your ideology has been rewarded with an authoritarian admirer of international dictators. A president who is so imbued with narcissism I suspect Trump he actually lies to himself.  The lie is a contagious human trait. Are you suffering from the "lie syndrome"?   

You may have actually convinced yourself that Democrats are big spending liberals who reap "welfare" programs on minorities while failing to support the US military. You may have effectively duped yourself or was duped into a belief system which supports your trodding to voting places to cast that blanket GOP vote.  

There may have been a time in your life when you wouldn't have imagined GOP support above 75% for a president who lives as such.  The ever-present lie.

The New York Times has also published regarding Trump's lack of veracity.

The Washington Post has tracked and documented 3001 lies from Trump since he took office.

Factless is a contemptible state of life.

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