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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Trump's Former Doctor Did Not Write A 2016 Unsolicited Health Letter (Surprise")

Dr. Harold Bornstein in his office.
Dr. Harold Bornstein 

Do you recall this guy?  

Donald Trump and his personal physician Harold Bornstein in a photo that used to hang on his office wall. Bornstein said he was asked to take the photo down.

Trump's long-term personal doctor of 35 years.  You have seen and heard from him in the late summer of 2016 as he facilitated an obvious lie on behalf of trump.

Let's take a video journey through a path we knew in 2016 was hidden like other Trump secrets, lies and mischief. As you view what follows, think back to 2016. Didn't you know this was the case as we ran to voting booths and pushed buttons to cast votes for Trump?  Also, think, Is there ever a day we don't find more Trump lies and malfeasance

Late Summer 2016 (The Rachel Maddow Show)

Shortly after the revelation and mysterious letter CNN also interviewed Bornstein. 

Fast forward to today's NBC News exclusive. 

As we move on into tomorrow's Trump reality TV, in fairness, CNN's Anderson Cooper offered a segment in which the network's Drew Griffin refuted verbiage of a "raid."

I have long sensed Trump was a carnival barker with no real substance inside his tent. Like the barker, Trump would do and say anything to get you into his tent and figuratively disappear long before you could exit the tent an raise hell about the fakery and indecency inside the tent. 

As we watched Bornstein in the summer of 2016, we really knew who wrote that letter. With increasing evidence of Trump's daily lying and lies from all associated with Trump, will we as a nation return to voting booths this fall and maintain a Congress which uses Trump's insanity as a shroud while all that is good and right in our society is eroded or dismantled.

Record or records, raid or no raid, why would a recently inaugurated president want to seize records from a physician?  

What about the fake genesis of the letter?

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