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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Trump's Steve Bannon Sought To Suppress The Black Vote

Image result for Steve Bannon racistYesterday before a US Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Christopher Wylie, the whistleblower from Cambridge Analytica testified with striking but not surprising details about how CA via Facebook weaponized personal data as too for the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. Wylie testified to many points, we are going to leave this quick hit regarding black voter suppression. Of course, you may feel use of the data to suppress the black vote is a minor point when compared to Facebook's admission of at least 78 million accounts were comprised, But think again about the reminder of how the GOP wins elections.

If you have an interest in the full extent of Wylie's testimony CBS offers this link: Read Wylie's testimony here.

Watch the 2018 version "Suppress the Black Vote to Win."

If this was true back in 2012, why wouldn't we expect the GOP to use technology to suppress the vote?

In May 2016, The Nation joined other media in reporting on Wisconsin's suppression of over 200,000 votes. A state Trump won by just over 27,000 votes. 

Cambridge Analytica's and Steve Bannon's efforts to suppress the Black vote are typical of the GOP.

Let's take this matter back to where it really matters. Trump in August 2017 during a press question session declared Bannon was a good man and not a racist.

Within the year after being unceremoniously separated from his White House adviser role, Bannon boldly declared his racist colors. While speaking to Frances' National Front Party Bannon imported American racism a placed another credibility nail in Trump's persona.

Conservative Americana. 

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