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Sunday, June 17, 2018

African-American Hunter: Kicked Out Of The Air Force Reserves

Waitress fired, booted from Air Force Reserves over racist video

Tabitha Duncan and her friend joined million across the US in relishing in their whiteness while clowning for cameras. (video below)
“So we going n----- hunting today or what?” somebody in the video was heard saying off-camera. 
“We’re going n----- hunting,” a different person said. 
“You get them n-----s,” Duncan yelled.

The Progressive Influence early June 2018

This young racist was fired from her waitress job for the following academy award in winning performance. Notice the night time setting...wonder if someone knows the dark (excuse the necessary pun) side of US history.

Waitress fired after appearing in 'n----r-hunting' video says she’s 'so sorry,' claims she isn't racist and has black friends

Compliments to the make-up crew.  Now, why was she fired? 

Tabitha Duncan lost her waitress job after an offensive video went viral.
Oh, Tabitha..and word has it you now want to join the US Air Force and you are saying you are not racist. Now really....why not wear it proudly as former Trump adviser Steve Bannon told a European audience. 

Image result for woman hunter cartoon Yahoo News is reporting the huntress was released from her Air Force Reserves enlistment. While we speculated earlier she would be kicked out of the Air Force, it is nice to have confirmation. It seems the fathom African-American hunter's victims (figuratively) devoured the after-hours back roads, racist.

After being exposed as a racist, Duncan resorted to that all too familiar conservative refrain: "Oh, I am not a racist."

One should wonder if any restaurant should hire Duncan considering her views of African-Americans. If you were African-American would you like Duncan to serve as your table attendant? Think about the possibilities?

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