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Thursday, June 28, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Fox News As A National Communications Beacon

  Warning: Hannity's list of social and political undesirables from Fox News.

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I suspect you are a person who has little to no affinity for American conservatism. After all, you are visiting the site of a liberal opinion writer; a writer who only rarely reaches to Fox News for video and a writer who has followed the utter propagandizing of Fox News's Sean Hannity for many years. 

Hannity has admitted to more doctored video and misrepresented video on his show than anyone in the current event, business or the who serves as a top-level propagandist. Yes, he is the propagandist in chief on FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda And Entertainment Network) and he is a daily adviser to Trump.  An adviser who offers advice to a president who is without question on the wrong side of the history of humankind.  A president who is as humane as any hardcore conservative and a president who is utterly gullible regarding matters of international affairs.  While Trump is busying himself loving-up to the likes of Kim Jong Un and Putin, take a look at how Hannity is attacking the young woman in New York who defeated a ten-term Democrat party leader.  

I do not recommend viewing the full four-minute video as it could tend to leave traces of utter right-wing propaganda in your gray matter. The video is embedded for a reason. My major interest in posting the video is the background graphic Hannity used to attack Ms. Cortez.  His attacks will grow much viler as we approach the fall midterm elections, but for now, take-in the list of attack items.  You have two options. Either watch the video to the 40-second mark or skip through the clip tot he 40-second mark.  I was forced to view the first 40 seconds as a preview and frankly, I must consider a (morning) nap to cleanse my brain of 40 seconds of Hannity's propaganda. 

How about that graphic?

The real contempt related to the likes of Trump and Hannity lies in the fact so many Americans actually hold them incredible adoration.  It is no surprise the two men stand as Statues of Disgust and Beacons of Regression for the GOP; they offer what any business of service-oriented organization hold most dear.
Give the customer (viewer/supporter) what they want.
Conservatives and Fox News viewers thrive on the daily social regression of Trump and his communication talking heads.

While on the topic of Fox News as a conduit for Trumpism, consider this:

Trump has announced his choice for a Communications Director to replace his former model protege` who left her post after sitting for an interview with Bob Mueller's investigators. Trump will have a former top executive at Fox News in charge of White House communications. If you think Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders has offered lies and misrepresentations in support of Trump, give it awhile and watch Shine ....shine. Link...The New York Times.

Trump's affinity for guidance form Fox News is well documented.  And here is a clear example of what we elected in 2016 and how the election is ...say Making American Great Again?

Former Fox News personality and current State Department Spokesperson Nauert. One minute and seventeen seconds of utter disbelief and chronic ignorance.

It is important to restate: State Department Spokesperson. 

I would be very remiss if I didn't offer another example of the state of conservative American and Fox News's Number two demagogue.

If you care to view the full segment from Ingraham, I offer it here. Consider the same warning offered regarding a Hannity's segment above: Watch the full segment at your personal risk... 
possible gray matter/cognitive soiling, the risk of temporary psyche damage, exposure to lies, incoming waves of propaganda.  

Fox News and American History.......

UPDATE: I start with Hannity. Watch and listen as he blames an active shooter on congresswoman Maxine Waters. 

The Fox News demagogue attacks as such after we have seen people go after members of the press; people who are Trump supporters.

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