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Sunday, June 10, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: G7 Summit, Fox News, Trump "Dictator?"

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If we are to start with a cartoon about Trump's red caps and Fox News, let's roll right into something very Fox News like. The network is so void of competent professionals it is embarrassing. Fox News host, Abbey Huntsman, literally referred to Trump as a "dictator."

Twenty-six seconds of a major 2018 Freudian Slip.

Former MSNBC co-host and nascent Fox News addition later apologized for the "Freudian Slip/parapraxis.
The mind is a powerful human characteristic, it is of its own and often gets out ahead of one's consciousness. Huntsman's remarks were as poignant as I have heard this year.

A former Fox News middle has no remote idea of US History. World War II did not find the US and Germany in a "good relationship." It is critical to keep in mind, Heather Nauert is the State Department Spokesperson. She is either clueless while running her mouth, or she has grade school interns as writers.

MSNBC's Morning Joe host responds.  

The examples of FOXPEN hosts is an indication of what happens when a network hires almost solely on looks.

From Fox to Trump.

As I mentioned interns or (grade schoolers to be more specific above), take a look at another existential job requirement for a White House or congressional interns. Trumps recent White House lawn celebration day.

"Buckets of Interns"

During the same week, the phoniness continued. Trump and the National Anthem he is currently using to drive his social agenda. Well, why is the link noteworthy? He doesn't know the words to the anthem. 

While the dwindled to almost non-existent protest across some teams in the NFL, was virtually forgotten and rarely enacted by seasons' end, I suggest a much more serious issuea US President who can not mouth the words.

If you think Trump is only embarrassing the US within the confines of the Continental US, think again. His antics at the G7 Conference are historic an shameful beyond belief. We will report on other antics as the week develops, let's leave this post with Trump's total disregard and lack of respect for women's issues and Conference protocol.

Disrespect, lack of professionalism and outright shameful.
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America we have a Problem!

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