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Monday, June 25, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: "Leadership", Zero Tolerance, YOU GOV, Fact Check,

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A pure leadership void.  Your GOP vote embodied in one meme.
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It is a pathetic reality with Trump and it has repeatedly happened since January 2017. 

Zero Tolerance (POLITICO)

Various media are reporting Trump now regrets signing the Executive Order to address family separation. How erratic and impetuous? Such leadership kills organizations (and in our case a nation).

MSNBC recently ran a segment with three graphics from a CBS/You Gov survey. Our screenshots are posted below. 

Do you see why Trump is expressing regret for signing the Executive Order?  Imagine the flak he is catching form his inner circle which may include some of his offspring and flak from many GOP Congressional who represent that people whose personal opinions is reflected in the YOU GOV survey.  Yes, Americans most ugly chapter in many decades is rooted and nourished in conservative America en mass. Fear of a browning nation, an aversion of all matters non-white, xenophobia and other socials ailments among conservatives is the problem. 

Pew Research published a piece which indicates immigration to the US is on the decline as part of its Five Facts about illegal immigration. 

How does Trump associate and from brief campaign manager feel about being confronted with tragic stores about family separation? His comment embodies the essence of Trumpism. 

Another example of leadership.  

Yesterday, we published this piece.  This morning Trump goes completely childish with one of his many morning tweets. I do not recall reading any articles or reports of Trump having visited the Red Hen restaurant. Did he dispatch an inspection crew to visit the establishment?

If all of that is true, why would Huckabee Sanders wish to eat at the Red Hen?  No, Trump used the tweet to feed his herds of sycophants. Any rational person should wonder if it is legal for elected officials to publicly criticize a business as such.

Image may contain: 1 person, textIf the answer to the previous question is "Yes", is it possible a president elected (only via the "Leadership", Zero Tolerance, YOU GOV,  Fact Check, and not duly elected via the people) is excluded from the law?

New York Magazine commented on Trump's attack on the tiny restaurant. NYMAG.

Of course, we have to visit with Trump's Impromptu presser of last week.  MSNBC's Katy Tur fact-checked 19 untruths (lies) from 45 (via The Raw Story).  The nation's 45th and the truth, or an inability to speak truthfully.

On another front..... Take a peep and listen to an example of out-of-the-closet: xenophobia (racism). 

Ugly, eh?

Leadership? Well, it is a matter of perspective until the lack thereof fails the people and the nation.

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