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Sunday, June 17, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Lindsay Graham Goes Vulgar And The Politics Of Non-White Children

A GOP As Ugly As It Gets
GOP Vulgar

It seems GOP congressionals are sharpening their classlessness for the fall elections. Why would any elected officials appear on national television and spew vulgar language as the Senator from South Carolina spewed today?

His choice of words was intentional and disturbing. Well, disturbing to rational and decent Americans. I suspect there are millions who literally reached an orgasm after he spoke the words.

Now a moment with the leader Lindsey Graham seems to imitate and seemingly wants to clone

Sit straight and worship
 The Politics Of  Non-White Children

Imagine living in a world where anything that comes from trump's mouth was well received by your gray matter?  How irrational would you have to be to actually believe that Democrats are responsible for the draconian and neolithic policy of separating kids from their parents or guardians? Housing kids in an old Walmart store or other unidentified buildings once they leave the confess of fenced cages. 

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Oh, that tendency to lie.

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