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Friday, June 29, 2018

Ayn Randism As A Basis For YOUR GOP

Now that conservative voters, non-voters, and third party voters handed Donald Trump the US Presidency it is important to know the base foundation on which those people live. While many may not realize the deeply ingrained self-centeredness of Republicanism, they nonetheless are deeply inflicted with a social theory (and practice) which will eventually lead to a frayed democracy and a nation susceptible to the whims and erratic manifestations of an idiotic money driven (power hungry and self-loving) narcissist. A person who, if left to his desire, will work to amend the US Constitution to facilitate the prospect of ruling the US as the Chinese Leader, Xi Jinping has established in China. China's two-term limit has been dropped.

So much for Trump, let's allow Former Secretary of Labor (Bill Clinton Era) guide us through a quick video on the social basis of GOP self-centeredness and social callousness: Ayn Randism.

Rather than spend valuable time seeking specific examples of GOP Ayn Randism, and there are many specific examples, allow me to simply link to a Google search performed within the hour.  If we contrast any of the linked articles with the net-net outcomes (to date) of the Trump/Ryan tax cuts it is obvious which constituency the GOP relishes and works to serve.

The most trusted and reliable of US media published a piece in December 2017 regarding the tax cut, which Ryan calls "tax reform", and its true beneficiaries.  We are not talking middle and lower-income Americans by any measure.

Put another way, in 2018, households earning $1 million or more — or, 0.4 percent of all tax filers — would be getting 16.5 percent of the total benefit from the bill.
Take a look at Trump's proposed 2019 Budget.

Image result for us budget 2018

Let's also remind ourselves Trump has come forth with a new "Space Force" branch of the US military.

We will revisit this piece in a few hours.

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