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Friday, June 1, 2018

May Jobs Report: Good News (Full Story Please?)

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Good May Jobs Numbers: 223,000 jobs and a steady unemployment rate (ticked down from 3.9% to 3.8%).  Good news!

Do you ever notice Republicans and the Trump economic team (and his presstitutes) never mention the straight-up fact that the nation has experienced 90 straight months of jobs growth?

We are seeing many kudos like comments from Republicans, as well we should see such celebration. Jobs are critical to a healthy economy and the numbers are not an economic reality which commenced in January 2017. CNBC on the May Report. Good numbers, but the numbers also reflect an economy continuing to flourish from the 2009 Obama Stimulus.

More evidence our policies are working:✔️U.S. added 223,000 jobs in May.✔️Unemployment rate dropped to 3.8%, the lowest since April 2000.
Keith Boykin addressed the jobs numbers in an informative tweet with an image of the full extent of economic growth which spans well into the Obama Years.

Adding 223,000 jobs in May is a good #JobsReport. I wish Trump and the Republicans would have acknowledged that on any of the 4 previous Mays in the Obama administration when that happened. …
May 2010: 522K May 2013: 240K May 2014: 252K May 2015: 326K

It doesn't take much to realize one can not get to 7.8% down from 17% with the major downward trending via Obama and his team.

Are Republicans celebrating the fact the US economy didn't collapse once Trump took office?  

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