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Friday, June 29, 2018

Prank Call On Air Force One (AKA Punked)

When a person is a celebrity, celebrity politicians or the person has some degree of notoriety while surrounded by incompetent facilitating media-hungry aides, they become potentially gullible lie bait-targets or candidates for being phone prank calls (Hereafter referred to as "punked") by the ever-present punk artist.

Wikipedia published the following list of entertainment and sports celebrities punked over the past few years. It is an impressive list of celebrities who fell victim while exercising their conferred privilege of celebrity notoriety.

WIKI Punked

Entertainment celebrities aren't the only subjects of prank callers.  Three very noteworthy politicians received and fell for prank calls. It is also noteworthy that each was Republican.  The New York Times, linked.
Sarah Palin, 2008
Scott Walker, 2011
Rick Perry, 2017
Well, the king of celebrity politicians added to his long-running reality TV show with his own version of the duped politicians.  Trump's historic archive after one year and a few months surpassed that of all US presidents after Abe Lincoln and FDR.  We should be forever thankful the historical records of those great leaders have n chambers of embarrassing shame comparable to Trump.  Before introducing Trump's Trump a couple of key points should be delineated and emphasized.  

Trump and his media hungry aides fancy themselves laden with wherewithal which places them above us all relative to ego and crassness.  First point Trump is the President of the United States.  Imagine being punked while serving in the Oval Office. Expound on that prospect with the addition of ever-present danger from word leaders who Trump admire.  Leaders who have historically sought to undermine the US and other free world democracies.  Second point. The punk call was actually patched into Air Force. Yes, AIR FORCE ONE with all requisite or supposed security measures. 

This plane:
Image result for air force one plane with supposed, maximum security.

Not this plane:

Image result for air force one plane

It appears all security falls into a heap of ashes when the president is an egomaniacal character who lusts for advantage and is unequipped for high-level interaction.  

Punked on Air Force One

Audio Only

The reported call was accompanied by a voice associated with the prank which ended it all with "Holy Shit."

Only in the ERA of Trump. Imagine our lives and the well-being of the nation handed to Trump and his aides.

Final point, Trump prides himself on records. I believe he may have set a record which can also be considered a first.   Do you think he will add the first to his list of rally calls, embellishment, and personal bravado?

The question was rhetorical.

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